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G Smoove With "Diamondz"

Sam freedman who goes by the stage name “G Smoove” is an independent artist from a small section of Boston called Roslindale. Sam was introduced to hip hop music at a young age by different staff members in his foster care. Boston-based Hip-Hop artist G Smoove grew up in and aroundfoster care homes; his discovery of music and its intrinsically cathartic value helped him find strength along his rocky journey. Despite his many hardships, G Smoove emerges with his new single Diamonds – a Hip Hop track emblazoned with rich soulsamples and live drum sounds. The single stars off with what feels like a classic sample that Timbaland himself could've chopped up with a taste of Noah40 production or old Drake. The bars are up to par here and paint a very vivid picture of the artists situations and past battles which he has since overcame. We think this is the perfect single for when you are feeling yourself, perhaps in your grinding mindset plotting for success. Listen below.


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