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G Smoove - "Gone Fishing"

Sam freedman who goes by the stage name “G Smoove” is an independent artist from a small section of Boston called Roslindale. Growing up Sam was taken into state custody as an infant. He grew up bouncing around to different foster care programs and group homes under the impression that he had no family. Sam was introduced to hip hop music at a young age by different staff members in his foster care. As he listened more and more he fell in love with the music. He used music as an escape to take him out of the place he was in and to help him dream big. We think the artists aspirations and dreams are very much so inspiring big time. Look, its simple folks. The people who go through it the absolute most, get the benefits of success soon after the hard work. G Smoove delivers smooth delivers and melodies that will keep your head knodding. Listen below.


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