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Faybee - "Lonely Girl"

23 years ago, Faybee was born in Denver, Colorado when her parents immigrated to the U.S. from Syria to give their two children a better life full of hope and opportunity. She grew up in the second largest city in New England, Worcester, MA, a city full of unique, upcoming artists. Faybee’s childhood love for musical theater evolved into a passion for creative writing, poetry, and songwriting. As an adult, she surrounds herself with music-making individuals both on her own time, and at her studio job. “Lonely Girl” is about feeling like life is filled with pain and unfair choices. “She’s stuck between wanting to love and chasing her bag, as if they both can’t coexist together.” While listening to the single you try to put your finger on someone that the artist relates too but shes unique and it shows deeply in her craft and her work. We do note and highlight that she has a studio job that many artists would kill for to learn and adapt in a studio enviorment, so maybe thats why it sounds so amazing and clear? Listen below.


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