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Eyez97 - "Uphoria"

Welcoming Eyez97 with "Uphoria". Eyez97 is a Hip-Hop artist. After years of writing raps and recording songs with his friends and cousin he released his First EP "From Here On" in 2019. Since the release of his EP he's dropped multiple singles and visuals to accompany his music and performed at venues in his area such as Somos Gallery, XL Publichouse, Mic Drop. The single to us is something that just features a lot of color. The lyricism here is reminsicent to just poetry on top of an instrumental. The smoothness is something to die for, we think it reminds us to isaiah rashad in the greatest ways. We think early rashad is an influence to the musician. We can hear that from the melodies and instrumental here. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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