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Exorcisor - "Vampire Killer"

Welcoming Exorcisor with the mesmerizing instrumental track, "Vampire Killer." In a fusion of Synthwave, and Gothic/Dark Wave, Exorcisor weaves a sonic tapestry that is both energetic and dark, echoing influences from retro synthesizers, gothic rock, and electro elements. "Vampire Killer" is a captivating musical experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Exorcisor masterfully combines the nostalgia of 80s synthesizers with the intense allure of gothic music, creating a sonic journey that plunges the listener into a realm of shadows and intrigue. We really think the instrumental feels over all like a gothic punk influenced with its faster-paced rhythm, reminiscent of the urgency found in video game soundtracks. The track evokes a sense of entering a sonic level, with each beat and melody contributing to the atmospheric intensity that defines the late 80s gothic and dark wave era. The mix is a testament to Exorcisor's skill in orchestrating sonic landscapes that transport the audience to the late 80s while maintaining a fresh and relevant sound. Listen now!


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