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Evil Pink Machine - "The Line"

Introducing "The Line" by Evil Pink Machine, an electrifying single from their upcoming album "Low Fidelity Science Fiction." This track is a dynamic blend of Synthpop, New Wave, and Synthwave, characterized by its energetic, aggressive, and epic moods. The song resonates with the styles of artists like Phoenix, Prince, and Neon Indian, while bringing its unique flair to the genre. "The Line" stands as a pivotal moment in both the storyline of the album and the evolution of Evil Pink Machine's writing and production style. Inspired by and blending elements of 80s Synthpop and Hair Metal, the track kickstarted the writing process of the entire concept album and influenced the artist's exploration of 80s sounds and aesthetics, which is evident in the previously released EP "FUCHSIA." Evil Pink Machine, the musical project of Igor Delgado Martin, was born out of necessity and creativity. An unfortunate elbow injury left Martin unable to play the guitar for months, leading him to turn to electronic instruments as his creative outlet. His unique sound combines electronica, alternative rock, and psychedelia through a lo-fi lens, crafting a distinctive musical identity. "The Line" is kind of like a fusion of genres and eras, showcasing Evil Pink Machine's talent for creating music that's not just heard but felt. The track's blend of synth-driven melodies and rock influences creates a sound that's both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. Listen now to see what we mean.


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