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Evie Asio Introduces Her Soothing Track "Available"

Upcoming artist Evie Asio creates a journey through sounds and words at the centre of her musical world. In the same way that every good story cannot be fully digested in one read, Evie draws on decades of genres and artistic influences to evoke something in the listener that is multilayered and complex in feeling. Evie grew up in South-East London, where she used the range of musical styles around her to begin writing songs. After graduating with a BA in Music from the University of Southampton, she released Conclusion EP in 2015, her first (unofficial) project. After years of performing around London and honing her sound, Evie is now releasing songs from her latest project ‘Contending and Contention’ - a 9 track journey of self love and the will to fight for ones own peace. Following the release of her newest single "Available" she projects a very soothing track that will surely grasp your attention. Starting the track with a soft instrumentation leading onto her sweet and luscious vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's about dealing with self reflection, and her feelings regarding social injustice. The composition plays with the ideas of contrast, balancing classic 80s snares against punchy guitar riffs and soaring string lines. This ties in with the main theme of the lyrics: that commonality can be found in the most seemingly different things. To the vocals and production this track portrays a nostalgic sound that will truly soothe your ears. Being just perfect for a late night drive or listening to it while watching the sunset by the beach. Go stream "Available" and check out her discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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