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Estella Dawn - "Didn't Occur To You"

Estella Dawn is becoming known for her unwavering confidence and boldly passionate delivery. Her music has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, as her style knows no limits. Across the globe, her growing audience is celebrating her quality and artistry. With divinely striking vocals, Estella carves out a fiercely distinct identity, solidifying her position as a creative powerhouse who continues to raise the bar for the future of modern pop.

Born and raised in New Zealand but currently residing in the US, Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who brings a depth of talent and ability to the new pop scene. Her devotion to music is evident in every aspect of her artistry. She writes, records, and coproduces every one of her releases, showcasing her faultless unity of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity. This unique blend allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction, making her sound truly unparalleled. While Estella's writing offers refreshingly original hooks and production traits, the essence of her performances and chosen topics will undoubtedly prove timeless amidst an ever-evolving industry. She delivers multi-layered compositions that reinforce her naturally compelling vocals. Estella keeps authenticity at the forefront, utilizing stripped-back acoustic moments when needed to further build an inexorable connection with her audience. Her vocal strength and versatility draw expressive similarities to pop troubadours like Sia, Adele, and Halsey. Her songwriting, at times softly revealing and boldly declarative, pays homage to the fearless releases of artists like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga. However, once the unique lyrical web and melodic appeal of each song take hold, any comparisons fade away. Since bursting onto the scene with a bang during the globally tumultuous year of 2020, Estella Dawn has shown no signs of slowing down. The year of isolation provided her with the time and focus to capture the heart of her sound and master the skills required to bring it to life. Ten original singles emerged in that year, released with six weeks between each, resulting in an increasingly dedicated and expanding audience. Estella's freedom as a performer, undeniable maturity, and confidence as a songwriter come together in a way that connects on a newly relatable level. One of Estella's newest singles, "Didn't Occur to You," showcases her songwriting, production, and vocal abilities at their best. This poignant release openly reflects on all-consuming thoughts of a love gone wrong. With a piano-led warmth and Estella's melancholic rasp and passion, the song captures the essence of her ability to tell captivating stories through her music. Backed by tens of thousands of monthly streams across dozens of original pop hits and boasting a substantial following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Estella Dawn effortlessly captivates modern audiences. "Didn't Occur to You" draws hints of similarity with the likes of Maren Morris, Julia Michaels, and Halsey, offering a familiar pop arrangement with a refreshing melodic peak and purity. It blends the past and present in line with the infatuated depth of the lyrics. Released on Friday, June 16th, the song features simple and lower-toned verses that pave the way for the sublime and softly-euphoric rise of the hook. It flawlessly progresses as a pop hit but also subtly maintains longer-form threads of influence from hip-hop and the singer-songwriter realm. This combination contributes to the unmistakable Estella Dawn writing style. With its beautifully expressed and masterfully captured essence, "Didn't Occur to You" proves to be a softly intoxicating yet evocative earworm from the unrivaled creative force that is Estella Dawn.


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