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Emmit Fenn With His Outstanding Track "Edge of the Dark"

Upcoming artist Emmit Fenn is an independent artist who is one of the few collaborators to have worked alongside pop phenomenon Billie Eilish, co-writing and co-producing her “bitches broken hearts” in 2017. Emmit has also produced for the likes of Lolo Zouai, Yuna, Ry X, Shallou and Vic Mensa and scored the TV show Five Points for Mary Ramos (Quentin Tarantino’s music supervisor), in addition to achieving a #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral charts for 7 days right after it was released. To date, Emmit has also garnered over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. Following the release of his newest single "Edge of the Dark" he projects a very nostalgic track that will definitely capture your ears. Beginning the track with a soothing beat leading onto his luscious vocals he completes the track entirely. To the vocals and productions he takes the track to a calm atmosphere that will certainly bring you very close to the track. Explaining the track further it's about exploring the discovery of new perspectives and the idea of embracing the darkness. It has been said that we cannot know the light without experiencing the darkness, but at the same time, both dark and light experiences may be considered great teachers. Growth and transformation, in fact, are born out of darkness. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Edge of the Dark" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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