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Introducing ELNAND MORELETTA with their thought-provoking track "Sakasa", released by A.U.M RECORDS. This song, a standout piece from the album "GHOST FLOWER", explores the intriguing concept of whether dried flowers represent life or death. It's a question that not only inspires contemplation but also serves as a metaphor for the broader themes explored in the album. "Sakasa" is the first song created for the album and has become its central theme, embodying the essence of this artistic inquiry. The track falls into the realm of experimental electronic and instrumental hip-hop, but it's far from your typical lo-fi tune. Its chill, dark, and romantic mood resonates with influences from artists like Shlohmo, Nujabes, Nick Hakim, Afta-1, and Nosaj Thing. We love its smooth feel and exceptionally clear mix. ELNAND MORELETTA doesn't just rely on the typical lo-fi toolkit also, thank goodness, they incorporate unique sounds that elevate the track to new heights. It's like imagining Timbaland taking a turn at making lo-fi music, except it's not just lo-fi. It's a fusion of styles that creates a distinct and memorable sound. As you listen to "Sakasa", think about the dried flowers, a symbol of something suspended between life and death, and let the music guide your thoughts. Listen to see what we mean!


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