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Eleven x Jason D - “In It 2 Win It” prod. by Jason D

The duo of Eleven and Jason D have been making music together for over a decade, and their experience and chemistry is evident in their latest release "In It 2 Win It". The single is a showcase of their ability to craft a catchy and energetic track that is sure to get listeners moving.

Produced by Jason D, "In It 2 Win It" features a retro-inspired beat that evokes the golden era of hip-hop. Eleven's smooth and confident flow delivers punchy verses that showcase his skill as a rapper, while Jason D's production provides the perfect backdrop for his rhymes.

The single is a highlight from their latest album "Carefully Crafted", which showcases the duo's versatility and ability to craft a wide range of styles and sounds. From upbeat bangers to introspective tracks, the album has something for everyone.

With their latest single "In It 2 Win It", Eleven and Jason D continue to prove that they are a dynamic and talented duo that are worth checking out. Whether you're a fan of classic hip-hop or just looking for some fresh and exciting music, "In It 2 Win It" is a must-listen.


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