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El Gant - “Leave It Alone” (prod. by DJ Premier)

El Gant’s new video for “Leave It Alone” is a must-see for anyone concerned about the negative effects of our technology-driven world. Directed by The Last American B-Boy and featuring DJ Premier on production, the video plays out like a mini-action movie, with El Gant in the role of a ‘90s action hero on a rescue mission to save children from the ills of the world. The main “ill” in question is the constant stream of screens we’re inundated with every day, from TVs to smartphones to tablets.

For El Gant, these screens are keeping us from thinking for ourselves and instead training us to be obedient consumers. His lyrics on “Leave It Alone” take a scathing look at the downside of the information age, and the video captures the song’s spirit perfectly. It’s a timely message that couldn’t be more relevant in today’s society, where we’re constantly glued to our screens.

“Leave It Alone” is just one track off of El Gant’s latest album, O.S.L.O. The 10-track LP features guest appearances and production by Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Bobby J From Rockaway, Marco Polo, J57 and more. The album is available on all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, as well as on vinyl in both classic black and an exclusive translucent light blue edition, limited to just 100 copies via El Gant’s Rule By Secrecy imprint in partnership with Fat Beats.

The video for “Leave It Alone” is a must-watch for any fan of El Gant or DJ Premier, but it’s also a powerful message about the dangers of our technology-driven world. El Gant’s lyrics and The Last American B-Boy’s visuals are a reminder to take a step back from our screens and think for ourselves. O.S.L.O. is a powerful album that’s well worth a listen, and “Leave It Alone” is just one of its many standout tracks.


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