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Eirini - "On My Own"

Introducing Eirini today with "On My Own", a song written about a long distance heartbreaking relationship that came to a bitter end. A powerful message to anyone who had undergone un-appreciation in any type of relationship whether that be a friendship a loved one or partner. The message says "better on my own" and i know that you can over come this pain and i wanted to desperately to let people know you will be ok and you will come back stronger and all that love you poured into another person now its time to pour all the love into yourself and self care. The artist stuns with her lusious vocals and amazing choice of an instrumental. We were ultimately grasped by the smooth riffs and runs but we were sold when things started feeling more drum and bass influenced, with the vocal chops and u.k sound of the drums. The vocals are reminiscent to Kehlani we think and Jhene Aiko. The track could've been mixed a bit tighter but we think over time Eirini will have everything solid without even trying. Listen below.


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