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Edgar Everyone - "Align Me"

Introducing "Align Me," the latest indie electronic and indietronica sensation from the accomplished and multifaceted producer Edgar Everyone, featuring Pretty Pistil. With its roots in EDM and vibes akin to ODESZA, Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, and The Chemical Brothers, this single promises to be a wild ride of auditory delight.

We think "Align Me" is a vibe that gets further amplified by its music video releasing on December 8th. This track is a testament to Edgar Everyone's evolving artistic journey, showcasing his ability to blend indie electronic sounds with a more expansive EDM palette. Edgar Everyone, with his eye set on 2024, is diving deep into the realm of music creation and sharing. He's already engaging audiences with a weekly series of Instagram reels, deconstructing his song-creation process, providing a unique insight into the mind of a producer. His plans to tour America solo in his camper van underscore his commitment to his craft and his ability to take on the music world independently. His approach to live performances is innovative and refreshing. Edgar's realization that he doesn't always need a full band, that he can arrange everything himself, and perform live with just a laptop and a few machines, speaks to a new era of musical performance. This one-man-show concept aligns perfectly with his growing interest in electronic sounds, making his journey serendipitous. Listen below to see for yourself.


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