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Drew Thomas & The Soul Talk With "You Are The Light"

"You Are The Light is an anthem for the struggling person. However the specific inspiration for this track came from an ironic, but important moment. Many have made the mistake of falling in love with their best friend. In my case, the best friend I was in love with unknowingly mirrored my situation by falling in love with someone they knew would probably never feel the same." Drew Thomas is a singer/songwriter based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born and raised in Tulsa. Soul Talk is a project he started in 2018 and they've been growing and working on finding their sound ever since. Drew tells us that 2020 kicked them into overdrive and they wrote a lot of new music for the public to hear. The single isn't something I'd usually go out of my way too write about but the single started out with such a nostalgic guitar and vocals stacking that made me feel like I was floating into the sunset of the singles cover art. The writing catches your ear and makes you feel something in common with Drew, take a listen below.


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