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Donna Lewis - "The Messenger"

Introducing Donna Lewis with "The Messenger". This song is difficult to put into words, reminiscent of the ethereal sounds of Lana Del Rey, is a captivating blend of trip-hop and electro-pop elements. Holmes Ives masterfully crafts atmospheric beats that complement Donna Lewis' hauntingly melodic vocals, creating an intricate soundscape that resonates deeply with the listener we think.

"The Messenger" is special as it is much more than just a beautifully executed musical composition... It is an intimate look into Donna Lewis' battle with breast cancer, a struggle that she faced with strength, love, and art which we find amazing and happy she got through it strongly. Through this song, and the upcoming album ‘Rooms With A View,’ Lewis turns her ordeal into a profound narrative that serves as a testament to her resilience. As she confesses, the cancer diagnosis in 2021 made her reevaluate her life, and in doing so, she found refuge and inspiration in her art. Despite the obstacles, she continued to create music, forging a creative partnership with electronic artist Holmes Ives, who had previously reworked one of her tracks.

Developed remotely, their collaboration evolved into a heartfelt album that encapsulates Lewis' experiences throughout her treatment. Lyrics flowed naturally from her journals, inspired by Ives' instrumental tracks, resulting in an album that captures the many facets of her journey, from her fears and traumas to more mundane observations like her favorite nurse or the different views from various treatment rooms.

We think the artist is the definition of strength, over all "The Messenger" serves as an inspiring anthem of strength, gratitude, and the power to face fears we think. Listen now.


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