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Donkeychote - "Good Old Friend"

Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Donkeychote has just released his latest single "Good Old Friend". This single is a tribute to the artist's dog, Cookie, and it is a perfect representation of the blend of jazz-hop and chill-hop that Donkeychote is known for. With a strong vintage feel, "Good Old Friend" showcases Donkeychote's distinct playing style and musical expression.

The acoustic guitar serves as the centerpiece of the song, guiding the listener through the charming melodies and harmonies. The warm and juicy bass, levitating pad sounds, and mellow drums complement the guitar perfectly, creating a nostalgic and relaxed atmosphere.

Donkeychote's music is an expression of his genuine passion for music and his desire to merge different styles into a unique sound. He is always open to collaborating with other musicians to enhance his music and create a rich, organic sound. With his blend of jazz-hop and chill-hop, Donkeychote has established himself as a standout artist in the lo-fi hip-hop genre.

"Good Old Friend" is the perfect song to listen to on a relaxed day with a loved one. With its charming melodies and nostalgic atmosphere, this song is sure to become a favorite for anyone who loves study beats, jazz-hop, or chill-hop.


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