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Don Bnnr x C-Ro x Polina Vita x Lazy Panda - "Catch"

Introducing a group of artists today, Don Bnnr x C-Ro x Polina Vita x Lazy Panda with "Catch". Lazy Panda x Polina Vita x Don Bnnr x C-Row have teamed up for this great cover version of the Kosheen hit "Catch". The four of them can look back on a great set of songs released in the last two years. This very danceable commemoration of the hitsong is built for all the clubbers out there. We geniunely hear this single all over clubs, the kick is something that makes you bop your head up and down on the beat and you absolutely will not stop. The artist do some tremendous collaboration work here and it shows deeply, all of them doing something unique to make this single as big as it sounds. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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