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DIVID - "Water"

Introducing "Water," the latest single from DIVID, released under Too Loud Records. This instrumental track is a refreshing dive into the depths of synthwave, characterized by its chill and romantic moods. We think "Water" is an auditory journey that captures the essence of freshness and fluidity, blending electronic waves with enveloping melodies to create a serene yet adventurous atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the element of water, DIVID has skillfully crafted a piece that reflects the qualities of fluidity, mystery, and reflection. The track embodies the beauty and power of water through the magic of synthesizers, inviting listeners to lose themselves in a dimension of futuristic sounds. It's a unique experience that merges the tranquility of gentle waves with the excitement of exploring uncharted waters. Fans of artists like Mega Drive, FM-84, PYLOT, Dance With the Dead, and Waveshaper will find "Water" to be a harmonious addition to their synthwave collection we personally think. The track's ability to transport listeners to a sonic world that's both calming and captivating makes it a standout piece in the genre. Listen now and embark on a serene journey through the captivating world of "Water." Listen below now!


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