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DEVMACC - "Truth Be Told"

Introducing DEVMACC today with "Truth Be Told". After the passing of his mother earlier this year to cancer, DEVMACCC had to put some things into perspective. His mindset as a whole. As his brother TreeDott played the production, the vocal loop in the beginning truly spoke to him. After getting pass that, DEVMACCC wanted to open up about certain things in his life that he feels like he wouldn't have listened to if anybody else would have told him besides his mother. The single starts off with that smooth sample as described, and then shortly after we hear strong bass and kicks that combat and disguise the artists pain with "turn up" and hard hitting bass. The lyrics and cadence are very emotional and thoughful with lines that show the artist realizing that they are now on their own, and have problems that he just isn't ever letting go. Listen below.


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