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Dendrick Introducing His Captivating Track "Introverted Confidence"

Dendrick is a character who expresses the thoughts and emotions inside the mind of Eric Tumble, a 19 year old Colorado native that is now attending Drexel University studying music production. His unique style approaches the rap genre in an experimental way claiming he "likes to rap on beats that shouldn't be rapped on." Much of his attitude comes from his musical influences including Tyler The Creator, Aries, IDK, Duckwrth, Felly, 99 Neighbors, and many more. His creative talent is what truly sets this artist apart from the rest, to his lyricism and production he has found a sound that makes his music come to life. Following the release of his newest single "Introverted Confidence" he projects a sound that is just so appealing to the ears. Starting the track with a soothing beat leading onto his captivating vocals he completes this track to it's entirely. It gives a first look at the different sides of the creator's mind expressing the shy, confident, frustrated, and energetic moods that he experiences daily. The song focuses on heavy juxtaposition between sections and lyrical expression to emulate a true journey through the mind of the creator. Go stream "Introverted Confidence" and check out his discography that is filled with outstanding tracks.



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