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Demetrius x TopShotta MarkShotta - "All I Got"

Demetrius x TopShotta MarkShotta's latest collaboration "All I Got" is a high-energy rap/alternative hip-hop track that is sure to get your blood pumping. The track was released by Golden Mile Studios and showcases the talent of two up-and-coming artists from Maryland.

Demetrius, a 26-year-old rapper based out of the Route 40 corridor of Frederick, Maryland, made his debut in 2020 with a string of successful singles and an EP titled "Rolling Potomac". Since then, he has been working hard to solidify his sound and improve his skills as a writer and producer. His latest EP, "Before We Lose The Summer", is a testament to his growth and potential as an artist.

"All I Got" is a perfect example of Demetrius' talent as a lyricist and performer. The track is driven by a sense of competition and persistence, and Demetrius' lyrics are honest and authentic, reflecting his own experiences and struggles. TopShotta MarkShotta's production skills are on full display here, with dynamic beats and catchy hooks that perfectly complement Demetrius' flow.

With its energetic and epic vibe, "All I Got" is a track that is sure to appeal to fans of rap and hip-hop alike. It's clear that Demetrius and TopShotta MarkShotta are two artists on the rise, and "All I Got" is just the latest example of their talent and potential. Keep an eye out for more collaborations from these two in the future, and be sure to give "All I Got" a listen if you haven't already.


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