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David Jin - "a little too much (remix)"

Welcoming David Jin today with "a little too much (remix)". While not much is known about the musician, we think there is a lot of promise within the single. This is something that's going to make you feel like you're back around the 00's we think. The vocals are something that really relaxes you here and reminds you of Ty Dolla Sign we think. There's a lot of soul in the vocals and you can really feel it within the singer's delivery. Really bringing the single to life is the instrumental as well. The single gets emotional with the very soothing sounds of piano and smooth calming snares. There's not much info on the musician here but we are sure that we are going to hear more with the consistent music they put out. There's a lot of promise here although it's a remix, the single really does stand out on its own as something unique we think. Take a listen to the single and relax here. Listen now!


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