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Darrin Jones - "Bleed"

Introducing Darrin Jones and his latest hit, "Bleed". This Columbus, Georgia native is stirring up the Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop scene with a unique blend of Conscious Hip-Hop. With over 100k followers across various platforms, Darrin's organic fanbase is a testament to his compelling music style.

Though not much else is widely known about this emerging artist, Darrin Jones is clearly an artist to watch. With his unique sound and growing fanbase, he's poised to make significant waves in the music industry.

"Bleed" is a fusion of aggressive, energetic, and somewhat dark moods. It's a track that speaks to the soul, blending vintage pop vibes with modern rap and hip-hop flows. Darrin's music carries a psychedelic, new wave sound that resonates across generations, making it relatable and enjoyable for a wide audience. At just 26, Darrin Jones has already carved a niche for himself, standing out in a crowded field. The single is really reminiscent to Playboi Carti's vibrancy, but at the same time this sets him apart. The track “Bleed” embodies this unique blend, it's a testament to Darrin's innovative approach to music we think. Listen below now.


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