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Dariel J - "Bobo" - (House Remix)

Introducing Dariel J with "Bobo" - (House Remix). Released as a reimagined version of the smash hit "Bobo Remix," which originally featured Chimbala, this house remix brings an entirely new sonic landscape to the table. We think if you're a fan of artists like Calvin Harris and R3HAB, this track is definitely in your wheelhouse. Although the lyrics are in Spanish, the language barrier hardly matters; the infectious beat is universally understood. Taking inspiration from the dembow genre of the Dominican Republic, the song has a vibe that some listeners have compared to Bad Bunny. It's this fusion of styles and influences that makes the remix so "dope" and "cool," according to early reviews. The blend of different house styles and the flavor of Moombahton create a multicultural dance anthem. So, even if you don't understand the lyrics, the music is more than enough to draw you into its rhythm. Listen below now.


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