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Dagnell - "Siren Song"

Valkyria Chronicles 4, a role-based tactical game, was released by Sega. The sales volume of such game amounted to over 5 million packages globally. Dagnell’ recorded/voiced OST for Valkyria Chronicles 4, Winter Witch. It is the main theme of Crymaria character which has been composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. "Siren Song” tells the story of a lovelorn girl who had faced betrayal time again and again. Every time she loves, she ended up being heartbroken. Worse, they left her in tears despite all their big promises. We think the single is a perfect introduction to hear the new artists craft, the single is absolutely well sung and relaxing to us. We get strong vibrations of calmness from the record with the singers light yet colorful vocals. We think listening to the artists vocals are like visiting Valhalla to us. Listen for yourself.


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