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Daemon - "Speak on It" feat. Zech Biship

Introducing Daemon with the latest single "Speak on It" feat. Zech Biship. When somebody tries to tell you “real hip-hop is dead,” play Daemon for them. His latest, “Turn the World Around,” is all neck-snapping breakbeats, skillful soul samples and razor-sharp flow. When he says, “Can’t be stopped, better get out the way,” you’ll believe him. The single is grabbing attention, too. It’s featured in the XBox exclusive Forza Horizon 5 (out Nov. 9), and also in ads for the game.The musicians show you what happens with collaboration here. The musicians band together to deliver something with different flavors, lyricism and a bit of melody in a way that is reminiscent to kid cudi we think greatly. There is a lot of promise within the record, and the lyrics are just like poetry we think. Listen below for yourself.


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