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Crownz - "Where Dem Dey"

Introducing "Where Dem Dey" by Cameroonian rising star Crownz, a powerful and compelling single that serves as both a call to action and a beacon of hope. Released by French independent label MCP Group, this track is a follow-up to his successful summer hit "My Mind," which has already amassed nearly half a million plays online. This empowering afrorap and dancehall fusion track is a resonating anthem of empowerment and resistance. Crafted in Senegal, Crownz and his producer Jayon OTB have created a song that transcends mere soundwaves, becoming a rallying cry for unity and strength for the Cameroonian community. The song features hip-hop chords that lend a unique and captivating rhythm, perfectly aligning with Crownz's vision of a track that resonates with listeners on a deeper level."Where Dem Dey" is a declaration of his role as a protector and a leader, fighting against the suppression faced by his nation. It's a song that questions the status quo, challenges fears, and aims to restore faith, courage, solidarity, and power among his people. Listen below to see what we mean.


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