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Correlating With Skeletons In Okodn's Newest Track "icorrelatewitskeletons"

Okodn is an rising artist from Layfayette, LA that has been making a unique way of hip-hop and with his latest track "icorrelatewitskeletons" produced by him you can see why. In this track "Icorrelatewitskeleltons" it's such a different and dope track it speaks about literally correlating with skeletons it's a dark eerie track. You can feel the lyrics come out of the track, it speaks about feeling low at times and just speaking on how he feels. This song starts off with his tag "distorted nature" and after that the flow starts going crazy, he's speaking facts and truth coming from his soul. This song suits best in a car ride just riding around, and vibing with some friends. It's so fire go check this track out!


Twitter: @1okodn


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