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Cool Cat Society - "Loosin' Myself"

Welcoming the Cool Cat Society, as the artist takes us on a journey through time with their energetic Synthwave track, "Loosin' Myself." Dedicated to capturing the essence of that iconic era, this faster-paced synthwave gem features an action-packed instrumental backdrop akin to scenes from Miami Vice, with a touch of modern flair. As the beats kick in, the listener is transported into the heart of the 80s, where neon lights and disco balls illuminated the dance floor. One of the distinctive features of this track is the incorporation of sick drums that amplify the intensity. The beats serve as the driving force behind the energetic mood, propelling the listener into a sonic adventure that mirrors the thrilling escapades of the 80s. "Loosin' Myself" is a sonic time machine, offering a faster-paced rhythm that feels tailor-made for a chase scene or intense action sequence, reminiscent of the iconic moments in Miami Vice. The vocals, delivered with a light touch, float like a cloud over the instrumental landscape. This subtle vocal presence adds a layer of romanticism to the track, creating a delicate balance between the energetic and moody vibes. Listen now!


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