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Color Theory - "The Darkness"

Outstanding act Color Theory aka synth-pop artist Brian Hazard, found success after his track “Ponytail Girl” was widely shared after being mistaken for a lost Depeche Mode B-side.

Since then, the Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer has gained more than 5 million plays across streaming platforms with his own distinctive brand of melancholy synth-wave.

Besides winning the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Hazard has found his quirky, nostalgic songs being placed in popular video games (Just Dance, Rock Band) and TV shows (MTV’s The Real World). Following the release of his newest single "The Darkness," he projects a fascinating sound that will certainly captivate your attention. Starting with dreamy instrumentation leading onto his smooth and luscious vocals he captures the song fully. Explaining the track a bit further it describes the otherworldly quality of the predawn hours (especially after a drink or two). The world is cast in softened lines and gentle shapes, and far-off buildings shimmer with an almost magical glow. To the vocals and production, this single will surely have you vibing. It would be just great for a late-night drive or a walk down the beach after dawn. Go stream "The Darkness".


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