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Coely - "Love High"

Coely is a Belgian hip-hop icon who has made a name for herself with her unique sound and exceptional voice. Her music has attracted a diverse following and her success is not limited to her home country. Her latest single, "Love High," is a testimony to her versatility and ability to connect with her audience.

"Love High" is a special song for Coely as it was inspired by the birth of her first child. She explains that the experience of giving birth and feeling supported by her partner gave her a confidence boost that she wanted to capture in her music. The song has a different sound compared to her previous work, but it still showcases Coely's trademark energy and soulfulness.

Coely's success is well-deserved, as she has worked hard to establish herself in the music industry. Her album "Different Waters" went gold in 2018, and she has collaborated with notable artists like Kungs and Olly Murs. She has also won several awards, including the MIA award for Best Urban and Solo Female Artist.

Coely is known for her exceptional live performances, which are an immersive experience for the audience. She has performed at renowned music festivals like Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, and Tomorrowland, and has even graced international stages like Glastonbury, Pinkpop, and Openair Frauenfeld.

Coely's music blurs the boundaries between hip-hop, soul, and pop, and her upcoming album promises to be another example of her talent and creativity. Fans of Coely can look forward to experiencing her music live again soon as she prepares to release her audience from the Covid chains that have kept them apart for so long. Coely's music is a testimony to the power of art to unite people from all walks of life, and she is sure to continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.


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