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Code Will - "Fact Check"

Code Will is back with a bang, and his latest track, "Fact Check," is making waves in the world of lo-fi hip-hop. Released by Virtual Royalty, this track explores themes of self-doubt and clout-chasing, delivering a moody and chill experience that's bound to resonate with listeners.

What's particularly exciting about "Fact Check" is Code Will's collaboration with UK producer Monokey. This dynamic duo has crafted a track that dives deep into the zeitgeist of doom, and it's evident from the dense rhyme schemes that flow effortlessly over Monokey's signature ominous canvas. The result? A sound that draws comparisons to hip-hop legends like Outkast and Kendrick Lamar, showcasing their prowess in the genre.

What's intriguing is that Code Will and Monokey's musical connection goes beyond words. They communicate strictly through their music, and the chemistry is undeniable. "Fact Check" is proof of their ability to craft a track that not only challenges the status quo but also propels the genre forward.

In the world of experimental hip-hop, artists like Code Will are paving the way for new sounds and fresh perspectives. So, if you're looking for a track that bounces with fresh vibes and thought-provoking lyrics, be sure to check out "Fact Check." It's a testament to the innovative spirit of STL recording artists who are shaping the future of hip-hop. Join the conversation and dive into this moody, chill masterpiece today. Listen below now.


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