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Close to Monday - "Lie"

Close to Monday, the dynamic duo of close friends Ann & Alexander, immerses listeners in a sonic journey that melds Synthpop with a lot of cinematic allure. Their latest single, "Lie," pulsates with a bass-driven instrumental reminiscent of early Grimes, ready to set the dance floor ablaze.

We think the duo's sound, really draws parallels to CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher, and goes beyond catchy pop hooks. The vocals simply make you want to party and move your whole body, not just your head we think. What sets Close to Monday apart is their unique ability to weave an auditory tapestry that transports listeners into a cinematic realm. Picture the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of "Drive" but with a faster twist, mixed with the dystopian, neon-lit future of "Blade Runner". We think Close to Monday's music captures a similar visual evocativeness. "Lie" promises to be a moody, cinematic masterpiece, featuring a hypnotizing vocal that's irresistibly immersive. The pulsating and fast bass-driven instrumental, reminiscent of early Grimes, suggests a sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional Synthpop. Listen below now!


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