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Cloetree With Her Soothing Track "A Princess Tale"

Introducing one talented artist Claudie "Cloetree" Joassaint who is a singer/ emcee born in Haiti on January 23, 1996. Raised in the D-Block area of Yonkers, New York, she has always been a poet, hence the CLOETREE. Her music is Hip- Hop Poetic Soul at a table with sultry R&B. Everything is music, and what is music without words? Therefore, a writer must provide, and that is the art. She provides an amazing voice that would truly capture your ears, while having multiple track released she projects a different type of mood for each track that anyone can surely enjoy. Following the release of her newest single "A Princess Tale" she presents a very soothing track that will surely captivate your ears. Beginning the track with a chill but yet an upbeat energy leading onto her soft and sweet vocals she completes the track entirely. To the vocals and production she creates a very smoothing atmosphere that will definitely get your body moving. Explaining the track further it's about beholding that power in a relationship. Knowing your worth and letting everyone know. "Who you loving who you wish you were loving?" I exist always in the mind in past and present tense. It's somewhat of a dedication to myself, to woman. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with your lover. Go stream "A Princess Tale" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.




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