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Chroma Sea - "Horizon Line

Welcoming "Horizon Line" by Chroma Sea, an instrumental track that is a sublime blend of Vaporwave, Synthwave, and Chillwave elements. This piece, from their first release with Ryan Celsius, is a remarkable fusion of various genres, incorporating House, New Age, and IDM to create a unique auditory experience. The ethereal, pad-driven ambiance of "Horizon Line" is both chill and epic, carrying an energy that's as invigorating as it is soothing. The track's inspiration comes from the likes of Aphex Twin and Seefeel, evident in its massive FM synth tones and driving beat. The involvement of Chris Otchy, a collaborator who initially penned the track, adds another layer of depth and intrigue to its creation. Chroma Sea has expertly crafted "Horizon Line" with a focus on stark, minimal, yet repetitious and catchy synth arpeggios. The decision to omit the bass track, leaving the drums to provide the low end, gives the mix a rhythm-forward feel that's both unique and captivating. The high tempo of 120 bpm is balanced with an atmospheric, light, and airy essence, achieving a groove that's also steeped in ambient and new-age vibes. As the track progresses, it takes a maximalist turn, filling the mix with complex and interlocking arpeggios. The climactic finish is achieved with multiple new drum tracks and at least three new arpeggios that add to the track's energetic and dynamic nature. Listen below now.


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