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Chris J Spitting Real Facts In His Latest Track "Check"

Chris J is a rapper and music producer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Chris first came into contact with music production at the age of 8 or nine years old. Usually making beats using loops on garage band or always writing lyrics ever since. Chris truly got inspired making music, when he realized his love for music as a whole. He wanted to create something that gave others the feeling he got whenever he would listen to music.

Chris J being a rapper most of his influences are some of the greatest such as Hov, Nas and Snoop Dogg. Some modern Rappers that he's also influenced by are Kendrick, Cole, Freddie Gibbs and others. To name a few of music production wise it would have to be Dr. Dre, Dj Premiere, Madlib, and Alchemist to name a few.

Recently Chris released a new track named " Check" which is really a hype beat of a song, i love the vocals throughout this track, Chris mentions how this track started off as a "regular braggadocious kind of rapping and eventually it leaded to him talking about what's going on in the world right now. He expresses his definition of "check" 3 times throughout his track, talking about how his skill can put the competition in check and how he can use it to make a check and as well as having a reality check. Chris spits real, true facts behind this track overall you definitely would want to check this track out.

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Twitter: @chrisjvevo

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