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Chris Budden - "Confessions"

Introducing Chris Budden with "Confessions". Returning from a two-year hiatus as the anticipation for his long-awaited and highly anticipated third mixtape continues to intensify, UK rapper, songwriter and producer CHRIS BUDDEN is back with ‘CONFESSIONS’ – a glorious melodic rap track in his trademark ‘Trap Rockstar’ style, which sees the East London native in captivating introspective mode as he opens up about all the things that he feels he can only get off his chest through the music. The single to us is reminiscent to Lil Durk in the sense that the instrumental is hard, but the artist is saying real stuff, putting his emotion on the table and having the listener go through the expierence with the listener again. The vocals are grasping and the artist uses autotune as a tool or guide. Listen below.


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