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Charles Rojas x Fancy Feelings x DSCOSTU - "I Only Want You"

Get ready to dance with "I Only Want You," a really radiant collaboration between Charles Rojas, Fancy Feelings, and DSCOSTU here that revives the essence of disco for the modern era we think. This track is a love letter to Nu-disco in particular and it shows.

We think "I Only Want You" has the potential to be a dancefloor igniter that brings together the best of the past and the present. It's a sonic jubilee that fits right in with the stylings of Daft Punk, SG Lewis, Chromeo, and Purple Disco Machine—artists who have managed to capture the timeless spirit of disco and repackage it for contemporary ears that we know of.

The track itself is a powerhouse of disco staples in our opinion, first there's vocal hooks that catch you from the get-go, a thumping bass line that commands your hips, and an enthralling duel between a guitar and a sax that could remind someone of the 70's. We think it's reminiscent to Calvin Harris and Roosevelt as well, especially on the vocals. Listen below now.


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