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Celine Love - "Good Girl"

Naming artists such as Alessia Cara, Lianne La Havas and Ama Lou as her biggest inspirations, Celine draws from her combined influences, totally owning her own brand of heartfelt R&B-Pop with Folk storytelling sensibilities. An Aquarius through and through and chronic overthinker, she thrives on being able to experiment with her music and the concepts and emotions she’s able to portray. The London based artist takes her audience on a melodic journey through her life experiences. The single "GOOD GIRL" is a smooth one that hits either in the morning and at night. This soft single is perfect for any accasion. The vocal stacking here is amazing as well and luscious. Celine Love simply ungulfs love in music form. We personally believe she sounds influence most by Jhene Aiko. Listen below.


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