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Catch The Vibes With Eric Leon's Track "Middle Of The Week"

Eric Leon is an artist from Vero Beach,Fl that is making a heat wave form with his latest album "We In The World". Eric offers a diverse range of sound, from his catchy lyrics to his unique flow he captures the whole aspect of being a true artist. When he went to Texas for a little that's where he defined his music, with being introduced to a new wave of hip-hop. At the age of 13 Eric was already writing tracks with bold sounds with influences such as Z-Ro, Future and Lil Wayne. With years of music experience, Eric's talent and growth is unmatched.

In his Latest Album there was one song that stood out me and it was "Middle Of The Week". The beginning of the track already goes crazy with the bass and vocals starting up with " pop another addy, yeah I ain't get no sleep", the rhymes are so smooth and vibe perfectly with beat, the mixing is so well made. The whispers throughout the tracks give me chills, it's so profound and fits perfectly within the track. Get in the whip and blast this track it goes hard!



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