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CATBEAR - "Higher"

Welcoming CATBEAR with "Higher". The duo comprised of Zoe and Sarah weaves a tapestry of moody, chill, and romantic vibes, effortlessly drawing you into their world. With its soft, reverb-laden female vocals and pulsating synth beats, "Higher" is the musical equivalent of a neon-lit room filled with nostalgia and modernity.

As if transported by a time machine, the track harkens back to the era of long, late-night phone conversations, devoid of video calls and digital distractions. It's a celebration of the raw emotional connections we used to make, where imagination filled the gaps and gave life to intense thoughts and feelings. The duo’s diverse musical influences shine through, combining elements of synthpop, synthwave, electronic, and indie dance music. If you’re a fan of 80s legends like Depeche Mode and New Order, you'll feel right at home with "Higher." Listen below now.


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