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Carey Clayton With His Astounding Track "Follow"

Introducing Upcoming artist Carey Clayton who is carving out a unique space in modern music. As an introspective and poised songwriter, he draws his inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Biblio and you can feel it. His conceptually dense musical collages run through an acid wash of electronic manipulations, twisting guitars, and tactile percussion. But what's most striking is the subtle, magnetic ways in which he orchestrates tension and release. Returning to his native Los Angeles after an intense period in New York hustling as a live performer and producer, Clayton aims to recapture the sense of awe of the natural world that initially fueled his artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from both serene nature and kinetic city life, the music Clayton creates portrays this intense, dramatic contrast. With his newest release "Follow" he projects a very different sound that at first might be a bit experimental but after listening to his tracks you will be grasped to this artist. Starting the track with a futuristic beat leading onto his soft and luscious vocals. This track is surely a vibe, it would be perfect to listen to during a late night drive or just being in your thoughts and wanting to jam out. Go stream "Follow" and check out his whole discography that is filled with outstanding tracks.



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