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Canadian Zach Zoya with "Le Cap"

Zach Zoya is an artist from Canada. Growing up in the small, largely French-speaking city of Rouyn-Noranda northwest of Montréal, Zach Zoya developed a diverse musical palate from his family. Introduced to African music by his South African father who fled to Canada during apartheid, and North American soul and pop music by his French-Canadian mother, Zoya was immersed in rhythms and melodies that spoke to him even when the English lyrics didn’t. His latest track "Le Cap" follows after "Slurpee". His style is hard to put your finger on because he's unique. If I think hard it's reminiscent to me, personally, to BIGBABYGUCCI or someone from TDE. I'm personally keeping a close eye on this artist, his look is on another level as well. Surely the label will make a return from modeling alone. Simply saying that this artist is the entire package and was a gem to find, the outro of the track was like a Travis Scott single with the distortion, reminding us to Mike Dean. Check the single out here.



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