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Burnside - "Feelin' Like"

Introducing Burnside with "Feelin' Like." This dynamic duo from Melbourne, Australia, has crafted a feel-good, upbeat track that's all about expressing a fun and flirty vibe. Drawing inspiration from artists like Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Jack Harlow, and Erykah Badu, Burnside has created a song that's both contemporary and soulful.

"Feelin' Like" is a song that knows how to set the mood. It seamlessly blends funky instrumentals with sensual lyrics, and the result is a confident, alluring, and slightly provocative track. The lyrics touch on themes of love, passion, and desire, with a sense of urgency and excitement that's impossible to ignore. The catchy and rhythmic nature of the song, combined with its engaging lyrics, makes it a captivating and memorable piece.

Burnside's musical style is a true reflection of their unique blend of influences. They've managed to capture the essence of both R&B and rap, creating a sound that's fresh and timeless. Yoi's smooth and melodic vocals deliver powerful hooks and emotional verses that showcase his soulful essence, while Mitch, an accomplished rapper, adds quick-fire rhythms and hard-hitting lyrics with a chocolaty-smooth delivery.

What sets Burnside apart is not just their musical talent but also their authentic storytelling. Their lyrics are deeply rooted in their personal journeys and life experiences, giving their music a raw and relatable quality. This duo's contrasting backgrounds and experiences are what make their music so compelling and real.

Furthermore, Burnside's music is a reflection of the diverse and vibrant nature of Melbourne itself. The city's rich cultural tapestry serves as a backdrop for their music, blending the old-school vibes of classic R&B and rap with contemporary influences. Burnside has managed to carve out a unique space in the music scene, offering listeners a fresh and exciting sound that's impossible to resist.

With their unique blend of funk, contemporary R&B, and conscious hip-hop, Burnside is a duo that's making waves in the music world, and "Feelin' Like" is just a taste of what they have to offer. Listen now!


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