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Bryant Barnes - "Losing You

Introducing "Losing You" by Bryant Barnes, a neo-soul track that further cements this rising Houston, TX singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist as a prodigy in the realm of Alternative R&B and Alt Pop. Released via Mercury Records/Republic Records, this song marks an important milestone in Barnes' burgeoning career we think here.

"Losing You" is a hauntingly beautiful contemplation of a relationship's end, wrapped in somber piano production and Bryant Barnes' soothing, euphoria-inducing vocals. The deep and otherworldly quality of his voice takes listeners on an emotional journey, floating through poignant questions about love, loss, and the fear of moving on. It's a track that resonates deeply with anyone who's ever faced the uncertainty of a fading relationship.

"Losing You" is about grappling with the reality of a relationship coming to an end, the denial, the questioning, and the painful acceptance that sometimes love isn't enough. This theme is masterfully conveyed through his lyrical prowess and the emotive power of his music. Listen below now.


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