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Bruu is a songwriter and producer from Kent, creating evocative music that places emotional connection at its centre. Drawing inspiration from the soulful voices of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Nora Jones and Nina Simone as well as the alternative hip-hop of Frank Ocean, BROCKHAMPTON and Tyler the Creator, Bruu’s sound is a compelling mixture of styles delivered with modern production and an authentic voice. It is the first single recorded for Tonetic Records, a new youth-lead record label based in Margate, Kent. “Wait for you is an experiment in a more alternative pop sound. Even though instrumentally, it’s a little different, sonically it fits my sound and creates the feeling I want to convey. It’s about the desire to support someone and help them grow into who they want to be but also the anxiety about that transformative time. Everyone needs someone sometimes to tell them be brave and try new things." While there is more room to grow for the artist something came to us and made us give it another listen after our initial listen, and then another. The captivating concept of the single, to the felt lyrics, "WAIT FOR YOU" is simply a must listen for this month.




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