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Borelson - "DEEPEST VIBES"

Today we have the pleasure of introducing Borelson today. His latest single "DEEPEST VIBES" is exactly as the title track potrays itself to be. The single is absolutely filled with the deepest vibes indeed. Borelson is a multi-disciplinary afrofuturist artist based in Toronto. He went on to spend some years in France before relocating to Canada by himself. His particular music is mostly hip-hop infused, mixed with other music influences. The artist gives us a flavor that is just missing in todays music with his relaxing, yet confident, moody and clear cut single. Toronto is just full of power house musicians and swiss army knives alike. Borelson not only delivers amazing rap flows but sings as well. Almost like his predecessors of Canada like Drake, and most in the OVO crew. We get major influence from Kendrick Lamar as well, listen for yourself!


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