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Boeuv x Tore P. - "Fly Away"

Boeuv is a DJ and producer from Greece. He has signed tracks with dominating labels such as LoudKult, Metanoia Music, and Loud Memory. Known for his dreamy Future Bounce melodies, Boeuv is coming back on MILKSHAKE, this time joined by the talented vocalist from Norway, Tore P. By keeping a perfect balance between dreamy synths and angelic vocals, ‘Fly Away’ is set to be an uplifting, happy song. The single starts directly with the vocal so the listener doesn't have to wait too long, with an amazing build up that takes its time. While the artists sings oh so smoothly, over time the instrumental gradually gets more full, and more full, until the point where we reach full on nostalgia with the hook. Listen below.


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