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"Body Bags" - Waynewood

Born in Alexandria, Louisiana. Waynewood brings a rock style vocal to many genres including hip hip, but personally this is my favorite sound from him. Waynewood is a mysterious artist and doesn't show his face but it's easy to spot his vocal once you've heard him on a few tracks. Waynewood is a producer, guitarist, writer, and engineer. His music may not be for everyone to enjoy or like but he acknowledges that. For the ones that do understand it, it hits home. His track "Body Bags" reminds me of like red hot chili peppers, and reminds me heavily of Kurt Cobain. Those two entirely different vibes, in one. It has this sort of requiem for a dream vibe if you've seen the movie, It starts with his guitar and the drums, eventually being layered with more with vocals, and with a smooth sounding organ towards the end. Instantly I didn't just want to blog it but it felt like I just had to hear this. Almost a cult-ish feeling so to speak-because Waynewood is singing about a feeling that people feel but don't just say, we've all almost felt dead. He sings about nightfall surrounding him and body bags under his eyelids, not being able to sleep because of this evil feeling. At the 2:25 mark just imagine going down a lonely road on your bike at night time, numb trying to be taken a hold of... Take a listen.



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